About Us Fast International Services

Who We Are

We are glad to introduce since 2001 ourselves as a fast growing logistics service provider in Domestic & international market. We offer our valued customers a highly dependable and extensive suite of multimodel logistics services. we provide our clients flexible, responsive and affordable services that they deserve. We use our deep operating knowledge to offer extraordinary solutions as unique as our client’s needs. By organizing our highly-trained staff into specialized client teams, we consistently focus on your expectations and develop solutions that seamlessly integrate into the way your business operates.

What We Do

We manages the relationships between various carriers like air & ocean freight, trucking, trains, etc. We determine the best routes and prices to have your products shipped in a Domestic market. We help you identify and secure the best routes from the port of manufacturing to the destination you desire. We also help you with the paperwork regarding customs and pay any duties/taxes need to clear the path for shipment. Our main objective is to satisfy the customers needs and requirements. If you are looking to transport goods from one destination to another, we are offering cost-effective solutions for you.

Why Choose Us

Customer Satisfication Tools

To continuously improve our processes and offerings so as to enable us to deliver products and services that meet our customers' expectations. We can handle anything you need, in any part of the country or globe. We recognize that each customer may be different with unique requirements so we provide our customer with the personalized service touch.

Management & Reporting

We provide our customers with the ability to generate up to the minute reports on areas ranging from carrier performance, freight routing compliance, inbound/in-transit freight and even claims. Our constant Endeavour is to improve timely reports and quality of information at all stages of the shipment allowing the customer to know the real time status of their cargo.

Freight Payment Options

Freight payment is a necessary evil for businesses consistently shipping materials and goods. Dealing in cash is a major concern for every organization, why not simplify this in a fashion where the security of goods and money cycle is protected and rotated back to you in a classified fashion. Our customers enhance their productivity and maximize their profitability as they focus on what they do best.

Compliance Solutions

We recognise that each and every clients operations are different, which is why we tailor our services to meet your needs, working collaboratively with a strong emphasis on building long-term partnerships to ensure that our solutions continue to deliver the answers to your compliance problems. The combined experience and expertise of our highly skilled team provides us with a unique advantage in helping clients.